How FanBasis Can Change Your Career for the Better

FanBasis Team
4 min readJul 6, 2022

Discover how thousands of content creators are taking control of their personal brand and growing their communities on FanBasis. Connect with your fans, create an alternative revenue stream, and take advantage of the freedom that FanBasis provides!

It’s no surprise that content creators can have a difficult time navigating their next move when there is so much to consider: which niche to target, what will pay the bills, and the list goes on! There are always concerns of random shadowbanning or not being able to secure sponsorships that align with your personal beliefs and branding. However, limiting your creative freedom as a content creator is not the solution! As someone that works in marketing, sometimes knowing how to market yourself is one of the most powerful tools towards a successful future and steady career.

Naturally, the question is: how can I achieve that level of freedom? The first step is to get on a platform that doesn’t restrict your ability to create! One app/website that a lot of content creators are transferring to is FanBasis.

FanBasis is a free platform that lets you connect with your biggest supporters: your fans! It’s not a stretch to say that your fans are what make your career possible, and they are always ready to come out and support you. Staying connected with your fans is the key to a strong community! The best part here is that you can sell anything and everything you want to them. This can be in terms of exclusive content, talking to your fans, or any skills that you want to monetize. The point is that you can sell what you want when you want at the prices that you want–no one is going to stop you (aside from the literal law of course). If there’s something you’ve always wanted to pursue but worried about getting thrown under the bus by the algorithm, you can sell it on your FanBasis account instead!

That doesn’t mean that you are limited to selling to only fans though! Since FanBasis lets you customize your page, you can save on website costs and just make it your own personal webpage. You can create a one-stop shop for all your socials and activities without spending a penny (pretty convenient if you ask me). If you’d like, you can host charities or sweepstakes and set up membership programs without spending too much time worrying about the details. You can also make it your main way of booking gigs and making it easier for companies to find you for a job!

Don’t worry about feeling forced to do jobs you don’t want anymore. FanBasis also has options to accept or decline requests at your discretion. Your career only goes where you want it to go. Build your image around your own personal beliefs and show off your unique personality!

But, that brings us back to the original question: what’s the point of creative freedom if it doesn’t help us get food on the table? That’s something that FanBasis can help with too! In fact, FanBasis has a pretty good rate for content creators. We get to keep 80% of all revenue that’s made, which–if you really think about it–is more than what we’d earn from most other platforms.

What’s even better is that they have a special offer going on right now where you can use the unique referral code associated with your FanBasis account to invite your content creator friends and get 4% of all of their earnings too! This is a limited time offer, so get that bag people!

With all that said, check out FanBasis if you want to save time and energy on your content creation journey. It sucks when things happen outside of your control, but this is a platform that can help you get that control back! Stay creative! :)



FanBasis Team

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